Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Brimstone 2012

We went on our annual riding trip again for Memorial Day weekend and we had a blast. It was tiring, but fun.  I always need a day to recover from this when I get home. We went to Huntsville, TN, which was a 5 hour drive through the mountains, but we got there. We camped out and roughed it for 5 days. It was well worth it and we will for sure be going back next year.

This was at a abondoned cabin in the woods where we stopped for a break and pictures.


This was the abondoned cabin and it still had chairs and stuff in the cabin, CREEPY.

This was our view for the weekend while we were riding. SO PRETTY!!

A random tank of some kind.

Me and James in the woods.

By a "waterfall," um what a waterfall

This was our RZR, pretty muddy and like 3 inches thick.

Our last Day :( but us in the mountains

This was our group that went, minus Anthony our tour guide. So fun! Can't wait until next year guys.

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