Thursday, June 14, 2012

     Once again on the new computers at work I can't get a button to work right. Am I doing something wrong people? I'm linking up at Perfectly Imperfect .

I'm liking up with Jennifer over at Perfectly Imperfect today for a currently link up!!

Current Book

Current Playlist

Whatever comes on my radio in the mornings and afternoons. I listen to the "hit" station of Birmingham.

Current Color

This cheap mess from Sally I bought. Its pretty, but um I painted it last night and my first finger on both hands have peeled off. WTF!!! NO more Sally nail polish.

Current Food/Drink

It's hard to see it, but have ya'll had the Mtn Dew, White Out? It is SOOO good.

Current Favorite Show

Summer TV is rough, So this is the only show that I watch right now.

Current Needs

Don't we all need money? Yeah it makes life easier. I NEED some new tennis shoes. Mine are killing me and I have to wear them 5 days out of 7.

Current Banes of My Existence

My boyfriend is an IT person at a mortgage place. Yes, everybody there BUT him make commission. But that doesn't mean you have to text him at 3:45 in the morning and tell him your cloud session is running slow. So then it was hard for us to get up.  I sware this person does it all the time.  One more time and I'M calling her boss.  I've had enough. :)

Current Celebrity Crush

Ehhhh, no one really. Although, Channing Tatum is one of my favs.

Current #1 Blessing

Its a tie, my boyfriend, my job and my parents.  Thankfully I have a job, when a lot of people can't say they do and my boyfriend, I'm thankful to have him as well and of course my parents.

Current Indulgence

Have ya'll had these? They are amazing over ice or blended, not out of the can.

Current Outfit

I wear scrubs, so no need to see my outfit, but here is my hair today. I love the sock bun.

Current Excitement

That its Thursday, and tomorrow is Friday and we're hanging with some friends.

Current Mood

Blah, who is in a fabulous mood at work? But today I'm dizzy and it so it's putting me in a weird mood.

Current Quote or Verse

Can't think of one today. HAHA

Current Wishlist

I wish I was here.

Current Favorite Product

My new care smell good thing. Um yes, it's from WalMart and I love it.

Go link yourself up!!!!!

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Jennifer said...

Not sure what the deal is with your work comp but linking up the way you did is just fine.
I can't believe Sally polish does that! I love Sally Hansen polish
I'm in love with the lime a rita's too! Had one tonight actually

Thanks so much for linking up!