Wednesday, June 27, 2012

SO WHAT! Wednesday

So today I'm linking up with Shannon for SO WHAT! Wednesday. My work computer for some reason doesn't like buttons. If anybody has any suggestions on buttons and windows 7, please let me know. It's really annoying.

Today I'm saying SO WHAT to,

1. I'm an old geezer young adult at the age of 27, and we went to our water park this past weekend and I'm paying for it. MY BACK EFFIN HURTS.

2. People always think you have to be smiling, WHY? Can't I be tired for a day, I mean really.

3. I need to lose some weight now that don't have my milk jugs on me anymore, thanks to a reduction. Oh the joy of watching what you eat.

4. I work all day through out the week, and the last thing I want to do when I get home is exercise or even get up early to do it. Any motivation tips?

5. Animals are way to expensive. Oh well, I guess thats the PRICE you have to pay when you choose to buy one.  The boyfriend and I spent $161.00 on a ferret last night and we have to go back Friday and spend more $$$$$. Never ending.

6. I've worn make up 1 time this week to work. I can get away with it, I work with sick people for heavens sake.

Go link up now my friends.


Leah said...

oh I HATE it when people walk by and say 'smile' or look happy or whatever. ugh, do they just want to talk to you and have nothing more cleaver to say?

Shannon Dew said...

Hey! I got your email about the peace tee but your email wasn't attached. Can you send me your email address please?