Friday, July 22, 2011

My Sweet Boyfriend's Birthday!!

For Byrd's Birthday we loaded up with Robert and Crystal and headed to Panama City Beach. The whole trip was supposed to be a surprise, but ummm some of us couldn't keep our mouth shut lol. He figured it out the week before and it was still so fun to get away and have a day in the Sun and Gulf. We all got a little burned, from the sunscreen that I think didn't work.  But we still had a blast and hated to come home.

Of course, we went on the beach and took "pretty pictures." The wind was something serious and was blowing the girls hair, but they still turned out really good in my opinion. We also went to Pier Park and that is where the pictures are at night. And the picture of the shark, a guy caught it while we were down there. It was only a baby.

Happy Birthday Babe, You're the Best!!

A pretty picture of me and Byrd.

This was in Hunstville, TN over Memorial Day. It was an eventful one, but I'm just gonna post this one picture.