Sunday, January 23, 2011

Clay Pots = Snowmen ????

Jami and I went shopping the day after Thanksgiving with the million other people in Birmingham and found these snowmen made out of clay pots.  They were to cute, but were about $40 a piece.  I immediately thought, hey would could make these ourselves. So thats exactly what we did.  Lowes has the smaller clay pots for 97 cents a piece.  You'll need 5 of them, white paint and whatever other colors you want the hat and scarf.  Of course you need black for his eyes and orange for his carrot nose and red for his mouth.

So first we painted all the pots white.

And one blue for the hat or whatever color you would like it to be. Then we glued them together with a hot glue gun.

Then we painted the face on there.  We did black eyes, an orange carrot nose and a red smiley mouth.

Next, we painted on the buttons, those can also be any color you want them to be and the scarf as well. Also, you can put cotton balls on top for an added effect.  I pulled the cotton balls apart and then glued them on there.

Next we put the arms on there and that really completes the snowman.

Sorry some of the pictures are sideways, Picasa was getting on my nerves. Here are some other pictures of Jami and I painting away.

We had tons of fun making them.  We are going to try and perfect them and make them through the year for next year.