Monday, March 9, 2009

Sad weekend at DCH!

Many of you are probably wondering what my facebook status is about, well now that its on the news, I can tell. Saturday night I was working of course because I feel like that is all I do. We got a patient up to the floor that was a 60 year old man, with a neck brace on. We all thought, hmmm he must of been in a car wreck. And were we ever right. One of our friends is a resp. therapist and was in the Emerency Room when all of this was going on. A 22 year old and his uncle (which is the 60 yr old man we got to the floor) and the 22 year olds son was in a truck. The dad and uncle were drunk and the car wrecked into the Sipsey River. The two men got out and left the baby in the carseat on the trunk. When the police and the ambulance arrived they saw something floating upside down and it was the baby in the carseat floating in the river, not breathing. When the 3 year old arrived to the hospital they had to fully "code" him. (In simple terms, do everything they can to keep that baby breathing and alive.) They then lifted him to Children's hospital in Birmingham. The baby is still there and still in critical condition. Please pray for this little boy as he fights for his life in Birmingham. Again, we got the uncle to the floor and he just passed out asleep, because they were both were completly drunk when they arrived to the hospital. The people that were working Saturday night were just in awe of how you could do this to an innocent little child. On our side, how do you show sympathy to a patient that has done this, which is what one of our job descriptions is, to have sympathy towards your patients. Thank goodness he got discharged before I came back to work yesterday. Everyone is forgiven, but I think the 22 year old and the uncle the last thing on their mind is being forgiven, just how not to get in trouble. Pray for this whole family, especially the little boy. It is very sad to me and I have thought about him all weekend long and still today. Let this be a life lesson to all of us and think about what you do before you get in a car and drive!

On a good note....... My family and I are going to Newnan, GA to watch another race of Preston's. This is the first collegiate race my parents will have seen, so I'm very excited to go and hopefully the UA team does really well. They work really hard and I think they deserve to do good. Then I will be off to Russellville to have my tonsils and adnoids taken out. Yea, hopefully no more strep 4 times in a month and a half. It's going to be rough because I'm older having this done, but I will make it with a lot of jello and popsicles. No icecream, I won't explain what it does because its gross. Until next time! Love you all!


Ashley Waldrop said...

What a sad story. It makes you wonder what people are thinking. Where was the mother?

Good luck with your surgery. In the long run I am sure it will make you feel better!!

See you soon! Love you

The Williamson's said...

That is such a sad story. I'll be praying for the little boy and that family.
I hope you surgery goes well and that you recover quickly.

Are we still having dinner tomorrow night? I hope so, I'm really looking forward to it.

Loveyou lots!!

Trish said...

Please keep up posted as to this little boy's progress. I pray for this precious child's full recovery.

Trish said...

Keep us posted as to this little boy's progress; I pray for this precious child's full recovery.