Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another Bike Race and Days After Surgery!

Last Friday my parents and I met in Birmingham to go to Newnan, GA for one of Preston's Bike Races. We had a bit of delay because of my tired. My tired had split on the way to Birmingham that night and some of the metal had popped out and there was a huge hump in my tire. Praise God I made it to Birmingham and didn't have a huge blowout. So after we ate at Tazekis (my second time for the week, I met some of my best friends Wednesday night for dinner), my mom insisted that my dad go to Wal Mart and see if the tire center was still open, it had closed, but the man was willing to stay until he got it fixed so we could get to Newnan. My dad drove his car too, but he was having to leave earlier than we did so he could get back to preach. Thank goodness for nice people still in this world. He stayed over for two hours to get it done, what a nice man! So we didn't end up getting to Newnan until 1:30 their time. Atleast Preston's race wasn't until 1:00 Saturday afternoon. Of course all over the south, well in Bama and Georgia it was cold and rainy all weekend, it sucked that the weather was so bad, but we still had a good time. Newnan is where Georgia Tech is at. It was about the size of Tuscaloosa. Here are some pictures we took.

This is Mom, Dad and me before we left for the race!

This is Preston getting ready in the warm and out of the rain, except he kept forgetting stuff and kept making me get out in the rain and go get it. What we will do for little brothers!

This is actually the 2nd Day, but its the best of him about to start a race!

This is during a race, he is right there in the middle with the bright blue jacket on.

He did very good! The first day there was a bunch of wrecks, but the second day when it was raining worse, there was no wrecks but a lot of people quitting. We had a good time and of course when we get to the interstate from Newnan, the sun starts coming out and we are searching for sunglasses to drive in. Haha, oh well.

Yesterday, Tuesday, I finally got my huge tonsils and adnoids taken out. Monday when I went to the ENT up here, it took him 2 seconds to see that they needed to come out. They rate them on a scale of 1 to 4 and mine were a 4. So needless to say yesterday I got them out and even though my throat hurts extremely bad, I can already swallow better. And no more STREP! Yea! I'm doing extremely well though, I actually don't feel bad, its just that my throat hurts extremely bad. I'm trying not to take the pain medicine for as long as I can and then I have to break down and take it. My parents have been wonderful, asking if I need anything, fixed me homeade mashed potatoes last night. Yummy! Preston is even fixing us lunch, well mostly for his food, so he can go ride. Haha. Anyways....I hope my throat quits hurting soon. I would love to lay out, but I forgot my bathing suit. I'm losing my tan, so I need to do something. Maybe I will go to the tanning bed! Ha! Well love till next time!

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