Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hey guys!

So Jenn over at Perfectly Imperfect is doing this nail polish swap! It sounds so fun.  All of us girls I know just loves nail polish and having our nails fun colors for each season.  So hop on over to Jenn's blog and check out all the details, etc.  I think its a neat thing to connect people that live around the US and maybe even outside of the US.

I can't get the button to work right now, but I linked her blog to her name! Have a great day!!


Jennifer said...

aww thanks so much for this lil' post! I'm not sure why the button isn't posting but try it again soon or just copy the big photo from the post and put that with the link using my name like you already did.

Can't wait to get this thing rolling and partner everyone up!

Jennifer said...

Oh and also go in and make your email connect to your comments - I couldn't reply to your email because you were set up as a

Jennifer said...

Here's a tutorial in case you need one