Sunday, November 21, 2010

UA vs. Florida

Ttown baby!

We got tickets to the Bama vs Florida game.  It was fun to go down there for a game and watch the Bama Boys stomp all over Florida.  We had good seat and could see everything just fine.  We got to watch the Walk of Champions, which I had never done before.  We also went to The Bryant Museum.  I had never been to it either, and it was really neat.  Here are some pictures from our day.

This is Coach Saban's shirt from the Rose Bowl. Pink.

Mark Ingrams gloves.

THE trophy.

Us at the Ferg.

Outside the stadium.

Coach Saban at the Walk of Champions.

The three boys walking to our seats.

Inside the stadium.

Grant and Matthew.

Grant and Byrd.

The BAMA spell out.
They are coming out to play some ALABAMA Football.

YEA we won!!

The score. 31-6.
 We also went to the Alabama vs. Georgia State game. BUT, I have no pictures because my camera decided it wanted to mess up. :( Anyways, we had a blast at both of them and can't wait to go to some more.


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