Saturday, November 20, 2010

Rafting in NC.

Bryson City, NC, Oh so fun.

In July we went to Bryson City, NC to go white water rafting.  It was so much fun, even though Byrd threw me out of the boat and we ended up with our boat completely flipped over.  We went with Byrd's aunt, uncle and little cousin.  We rented a cabin and stayed the whole weekend.  If you have never been up there I highly suggest it.  It is a neat little city and so fun.
This is us at the Outdoor Center they have.

This is all of us. Me, Byrd, Heather, David, and Karla.

This is the company we went rafting with.

Byrd and I after we went rafting. WORN OUT!!!

This is the first trip when we ended up flipping our Duckie.

I see it coming.

And we're overboard. I managed to keep everything, sunglasses and all.

This is our second trip down and we didn't flip the second time.

YEA!! I was so happy we didn't tump.
And on our way home we saw this. 

It was a great trip and we had so fun. I can't wait to go back.  The only thing is the water stays around 42 degrees all year and it takes your breath away when you hit a wave. Especially when you get tumped over, cough cough Byrd.

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