Sunday, November 21, 2010

Our trip to Savannah.

We went to Savannah, GA with some of our friends.  We had a great time and its a neat little city, with tons of places to eat, shop and visit.  While we were there it happened to be my birthday, so that was an extra little plus.  While we were there we did a movie tour which took us to all the different places that movies were filmed.  That was neat.  We also did a haunted tour and we rode in a hearse that had actually been used for about 10 years. Here are some pictures.
My sweet boyfriend surprised me with this cake, I had NO clue/

Us before going to look around the town.

Hanging out.

Before going to eat dinner at The Pirates House for my bday.

We were being silly.

Typical Byrd.
Haha and again.

Tybee Island.

Jami and I at Tybee Island.

The four amigos.  We had so much fun.

This is where they filmed Forest Gump, where he sits on the bench and waits for the bus.

On our haunted tour.

Me and my honey.
What we rode in.
After we got back.

We had a good time!!!!!!!

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