Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm awake at 4:00 am!

So as I'm sitting here awake at 6:00 am now, what better to do than blog. My lovely neighbor below me has gone in and out her door a million times since 4 and woke me and Bailey up. Although I am used to not going to bed till 7, I was sleeping oh so good, oh well! I now see why all my friends love this. Its a stress reliever, time filler and its so fun to read everybody's blog and what they are doing on a daily basis. I wish more people would do one. Yesterday was Veteran's Day, which is special to almost everyone. My grandfather was in the military when he was a younger man, although he is no longer with us, he was an amazing man and I will always take time to think about him especially on this day. My family has had a rough few years, but we have seemed to make it through everything. The most recent was that my Uncle Kenny suddenly passed away. He was fighting cancer for a year and had a clear bone scan at the end of the summer, so everything was going just as we had prayed for a good solid year. Then all the sudden I get a phone call from my little brother, when I had just talked to my mom 20 minutes before that, saying Kenny was being rushed to the hospital and he had died on the way there. Very sudden, tragic and heartbreaking! Yes, every family has their issues, but when my grandmother died of breast cancer when I was 7 it seems we let all our issues out the door and just focused on what was important to us which was being a loving family. Our family was very close. My dad is a minister and it was so awesome when we got to move to Russellville, which was just 2o minutes away from the fam. Anyways, last Thursday was his funeral and it was sad and we all did our fair share of crying. But the reason I'm telling this is because my dad did one of the coolest things ever after the funeral and it gives me chills whenever I think about it and I just decided I needed to share it with you. My uncle was an artist and you can see his work everywhere around Colbert and Franklin County. But one of his prize art works is on one of the firetrucks in Tuscumbia, which goes to fires and does special events. Their school mascot is a tiger, so it has the Deshler Tiger and Tuscumbia and some other stuff on it. Its beautiful! So my dad arranged, secretly, for that particular firetruck to process us to the grave site where he was being burried on that day. What more can you say, but WOW! My aunt and two cousins and the rest of us absolutely loved it. It all brought smiles to our faces in the midst of grief, which is what we needed that day. This is my aunt, uncle and their grandbabies!!

Anyways.....on a happier note! Alabama has a home game this weekend. ROLL TIDE!! Its against Mississippi State, the only thing that stinks is I have to work all weekend. Boo. One stinky part of working at a hospital, it operates 24/7. Last night, my good friend Sarah and I went to Chuck's down here and had some sushi and got to catch up. Every Tuesday, we make time out of our busy schedules to get together and just talk and just have girl time. I'm already ready for next Wednesday so I can have 5 days in a row off, which it is Sarah's bday weekend adn can't wait to celebrate it with her.

I'm going to attempt to go back to sleep, because I have to work 12 hours tonight starting at 7pm. It won't be to bad, I work with some good, fun, entertaining people. We have to keep each other awake by laughing!!!

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