Monday, November 10, 2008

Bay Bay

My dog Bailey is a mess! He is absolutely spoiled to his bones. He gets everything he wants and sleeps under the covers with me. My little brother gave him to me almost 2 years ago for Christmas. One of the best presents I have ever gotten. Bailey is my roommate and keeps me company. This weekend we babysat Burly, which is my neighbors dog. Bailey and Burly love to play together, so last night while I was trying to sleep before going into work, they constantly ran around the apartment playing with each other and kept me from sleeping. Dogs are just like little kids. If you go somewhere, they either have to go or you have to find a babysitter. Anways...Bailey is my child! In return for babysitting Burly, I got an Alabama ornament from Amy and I can't wait to put in on my tree for Christmas. This is where I found him the other day, laying in my jacket!

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