Friday, May 4, 2012

As of lately!

As of lately!!
Some of the pictures are out of order and its being difficult!!

This is us being muddy as usual.  My lovely boyfriend thinks its really fun to get stuck in mudholes.

Us swinging at his moms. 

 This goes with the first picture.

Needed a yummy boost that morning before work!!

The first picture is of Bo Jackson and my dad at Bo Bikes Bama.  My dad had an awesome experience riding with a bunch of famous people for the tornado victims across the state.

The second picture is of James, me and my Mom waiting for Dad and Preston to come in the last day at Bo Bikes Bama.  It was a neat experience to see what he did for his home state.

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Matt and Kristen said...

Found your blog through Kelly's Korner! Cute pics!! We live in Birmingham as well!