Tuesday, October 20, 2009


One of my best friends from highschool came to visit me this weekend and we had the best time. Friday night we went to Rounders and danced the night away. There is only one picture on her camera and the rest from Friday are on my friend Erica's camera.

Then Saturday as we were getting ready to go to the quad we decided we really wanted to go to the game, so Ashley's dad got us some tickets and we thank him VERY much for them, because we had an awesome time and they were pretty good seats.

This picture is of us FREEZING at the game, well actually we weren't to bad because we didn't have all of our coats on yet. Haha. Here are some more pictures from the game.

This is when it got cold we both have our jackets on and thankfully my friend Brett had a huge jacket for me cause as he said I didn't dress correctly, just cute!

This is the "Big BAMA Spell Out!"


Us waiting for the game to start, with our really cute face stickers we got!

Yep, we won 20-6, making us go to the #1 spot over FL. ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!

Saturday after the game, we went back to Rounders for more dancing and had a fabulous time and the Sunday was a day of rest for the work week ahead! I had SO much fun and can't wait for her to come back. Although we missed our other buddy Jami, except she was in that Terrible Town they call Auburn. I have missed blogging! But that's a wrap on my lovely weekend I had with Ashley.

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