Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Newbie Blogging!

So...I'm new to this whole blogging thing, but some of my friends do it and even my Dad does it, so I thought it couldn't be to hard! I love to read what everybody is doing through out the week and how babies are growing and how weddings are going. It is kind of sad that we keep up with each other over the internet, but if thats what keeps us together than so be it. Tonight I got off work 7 hours early, but slept all day because I work nights, so I'm wide awake at 1:57 in the morning. I figured I would make one of these "blog" things that everyone talks about. This girl from my where my parents live was in a car wreck and one of her friends updated how she was doing on the blogspot, and everyone got to keep up, so I really like this website. I had a great weekend this past weekend. I got to see my best friends from highschool and I always remember why we were such good friends. We always have the best of time when we are together.
October seems to be a good month. Not only because its my birthday month, but because one of my best friends from highschool had her baby and one of my friends got engaged. Also, one of my other friends it was her engagement party, which was a blast, that was Saturday night. Friday, Sarah and her husband and few other people and me went to see Saw V, which was pretty good but not to nasty. Sunday, I stayed the night with Ash and Devin and went and tried on my bridesmaid dress! YEA! And then came home and went to one of my friends house for a cookout. Always fun to get everybody together all at once and hang out!
It is now 3:13 am and I just finished uploading a bunch of pictures to my computer and I'm going to go to bed! I will post some pictures from this weekend, etc later on. Goodnight.

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Ashley Waldrop said...

I'm soo freakin excited you have a blog!! I look forward to reading your post everyday! I hope you keep writing!